Children's Ministry Volunteers

childrens_volunteerAt South Hills Baptist Church, we take the safety of all children who come through our doors seriously. We want to do everything we can to guard against anything harmful happening to precious little ones. Before we allow a person to volunteer or take a paid position around children, three things are required of them: 1) be a member of the church for six months, 2) fill out a form allowing us to run a criminal background check on them and 3) take MinistrySafe training.

MinistrySafe is an online training about sexual abuse; how to identify it, how to report it and steps to take to prevent it. This can be taken on any computer with internet access. If a volunteer does not have a computer, they can come to the church and we will provide them with access to one of ours. After the videos, there is a short test confirming the trainee listened and understood. At the successful conclusion of the test, the trainee is awarded a certificate of completion. This is also emailed to the church.

To ensure that our volunteers do not forget to keep a watchful eye out for anyone seeking to harm a child, we redo this training every three years. All volunteers will be notified by email when their training has expired and will need to be repeated.

For anyone wishing to volunteer with children who has been a member for more than six months, please fill out the consent for criminal background check form here. This can also be picked up in the church office. Once we have run the background check, we will send a MinistrySafe training link to your email address.

Thank you for helping us to safeguard the children in our care.

To learn more about MinistrySafe, visit their website: