Facility Use and Rental

Statement of Intent

We desire to use the facility and property God has granted us for His Kingdom purposes. While church events take priority, our meeting spaces are often available for church members’ use, community organization meetings, and our neighbors’ private events. We hope to meet you as you have your next event at South Hills Baptist Church. Please understand we cannot accommodate every group or event, and as our guests, we will not allow conduct that runs against our understanding of God’s Word. But please know we are excited to open our doors to, and make connections with, new friends in our community.

Request Form & Approval Process

Facility use form for church members
Facility use form for non-church members

To use any part of the South Hills Baptist Church facility for your event, please fill out the request form with as much complete information as possible. You can pick up a copy in the church office, or you can download one of the forms above, fill it out, and email it to office@southhillsbc.org. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Our office hours are M-Th 8:00am-Noon and 1:00-5:00 pm. We will check your event date and time with the church calendar, contact our Facilities Assistant to check for his availability, and our staff will consider all factors of each request on a case-by-case basis. Generally, we are able to respond within three (3) business days.

Facility Fee and Deposit

Fees and Deposits

The fee structure for using our facility is in place to cover the costs of utilities and paying our Facilities Assistant to unlock the building, set-up, be here in case of emergency, and reset for the next event. The use of the kitchen or AVL equipment may necessitate a fee because of extra cleaning, personnel, and/or utility costs. In order to use the kitchen, you will need to sign a copy of the Kitchen Use Policy showing that you understand the guidelines for the use of the SHBC Kitchen.

Once we confirm our availability, we will also let you know the exact fee for the event. Additionally, there is a refundable deposit for using our facility. We require full payment on one check plus the deposit on a second check to be turned in to the church office no later than seven days before the day of the event. The deposit will be kept if our Facilities Assistant has to perform excessive clean-up duties, which will be documented. Otherwise, the check will be mailed within three days back to the event coordinator. Upon final payment, you will receive the name and phone number of the Facilities Assistant (or his substitute) should any problems arise.

Gymnasium/Worship Center

We gather for weekly worship services and many other activities in a multi-purpose gymnasium. It holds about 280 worship chairs for our Sunday worship services. Either half or all of the gym can be rented. Specific requests for AVL use, gym equipment, stage use, etc. are required ahead of time so the reset plan can be made before the next church event. Also, because it takes time to reset for Sunday morning worship services, we prefer private events on Saturday end by 7:00 pm to give our Facilities Assistant needed time to prepare the room.

Gym_back  Gym_basketball
Half set up Basketball

Choir Room (100) and Classrooms

For a smaller gathering, you can use one of many classrooms (max 20 people) or the Choir Room (max 40 people) which is directly next to the kitchen. Room 100 and several of our classrooms have TVs and blu ray players in the room. Please let us know of your AV needs in advance.

Choir room

The Loft

In 2017, we opened up The Loft (our Student Ministry area) located on the second floor of our Education Wing. We will be prioritizing the use of this space for ministry events, especially those involving students. Generally, we discourage use of this space (max 60 people) for private parties, non-student ministry events with involved setups, and events that can be held in the Gym or Choir Room. The kitchen space is small and there are a limited number of chairs and tables on the second floor. We do not plan on moving extra chairs or tables up or down the elevator. As with all other facility/event requests, the staff will consider all factors on a case-by-case basis. The need for kitchen use and a Loft-AVL-Trained Technician will also factor into the final decision.

Loft_wide  Loft_back
Wide view from the stage From the back