Drive-Thru Prayer

DriveThruPrayer image

Every Wednesday

5:30pm – 6:30pm

Category: Outreach Ministry | Coordinator: Andy Carroll

Drive-Thru Prayer is a prayer ministry for those in our church and community who want someone to pray with them. They could be driving home or by the church, God leads them to come into the parking lot, and there we are...ready to pray with them and share the Gospel.

4-5 volunteers each week will sit outside (weather permitting) or inside Room 100 praying for those on the prayer list until someone drives up then go to the car (no more than two people for safety reasons) to find out their name, prayer request, and pray with them. 

If you can't come to the church, you can pray where you are. If you can walk through your neighborhood, pray as you walk, and take that time to talk with neighbors. Ask them if they have any prayer requests. Boldly ask if you can pray with them there. If you cannot get out and walk, please take the time to pray in your home. Begin with the prayer list, and allow God to lead you in prayer for others.