Worshipping in Spirit and Truth

Every Wednesday evening (with few exceptions) I have the privilege of conducting the rehearsal of our worship choir.  Anywhere from 10 to 30 of us spend an hour (7:30-8:30) in the Choir Room (Rm. 100) preparing anthems and new worship songs we will lead during our weekly Sunday worship gathering and occasional special worship services. 

Having a multitude of worship leaders on the platform has always been a hallmark of South Hills Baptist Church. While it does look different today than it did five, ten or 20 years ago, the principles we practice have been the same. Ten days ago, in an email to the worship choir, I shared this expression of our purpose and mission as a worship choir…

Our task as a worship choir is to lead our church family to worship God in Spirit & Truth.  
This means coming alongside our church family,
supporting and encouraging them as we all
sing our praise and worship to God,
sing truth to one another,
give our best sacrifice to God,
testify to God's power within us,
encounter and respond to God's Word
and interact directly with God through prayer. 

Since the beginning of 2017, I have been thinking through, restructuring, and working closely with our vocal team. These are the individuals who sing into microphones during congregational singing for the purpose of supporting the choir and leading the congregation.  I recently decided to invite all members of the choir to the weekly vocal team rehearsals (6:30-7:15) in which we prepare for vocal leadership of congregational singing on Sunday morning. I am hopeful that these rehearsals will enable us to even more effectively serve and lead our church family.

Remember, whether a person sings into a mic or not, whether they are on the platform or standing with the congregation, each Christ-follower can influence and encourage others at our weekly worship gathering. How will you prepare for this opportunity between now and Sunday?