Thrift Store Prom

We are drawing closer to summer camp. We are one month away. I would like to say thank you for your investment in Youth Camp.  Please pray for our students to experience God, I AM, before, during, and after camp. Pray for our hearts and minds to be prepared for the messages and experiences God has for us.  Pray for lives to be changed, and that we would return ready to share I AM with others.

During FireFall, we closed out the school year with the Thrift Store Prom.  “What has been seen cannot be unseen,” and to those who saw my outfit, I apologize!   We had fun, and the adults relived the 80’s.

On a more serious note, in FireFall we have been studying an overview of the Bible in a series called, “The Big Story of the Bible.” We will finish the series this week, and begin another series, entitled “IDK.”

In this series, we will answer questions like: How can I know God exists? Is the Bible real? Is the Bible reliable?


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