The Star

Last night, after a great day of worship, my family went to see the movie “The Star” that opened recently in the theaters. (We actually used a gift card given to us during Pastor Appreciation Month, so thank you again church family for your incredible generosity to my family) We were all excited to see it and we are glad we did. It was fun, heart-warming, and meaningful in many ways. So many friends had recommended it to us, though some warned us that it was not Biblically accurate. Of course, I do not expect anything coming out of Hollywood to follow the Scriptures closely, but in these instances we can hope they do not grossly misinterpret the main truths of the story.

Though there were parts of the movie that varied from what we know to be true from the Bible, the main idea of the excitement and anticipation of the birth of the long-awaited Messiah was the focus. All aspects of the movie were well done and I would recommend this movie to others. I would not have produced a movie about the story of Jesus’ birth without striving to be faithful to the facts of Scripture. Neither would I preach a sermon, or teach a Bible study without striving to be faithful to the facts of Scripture. There will always be some “creative license” in our preaching and teaching of the Bible, but it must never come at the expense of compromising God’s truth in His Word.

Creativity connects with people in a fresh way many times, but it must not be the priority. The truth of the Word of God must always be the priority. Be careful not to take “creative license” when sharing God’s truth and change what the Bible says. On the other hand, remember God can still effectively use movies like “The Star” to point people to Jesus, despite its flaws. We all have flaws and none of us perfectly embody the truths of Scripture in how we live, but God, by His grace, can still use us to point people to Jesus. I pray “The Star” will help people see the true meaning of Christmas and give them the desire to pursue Jesus and worship Him. I am also praying for you and me to do the same this Christmas season.