The Awesome AV Team

Today, I wish to recognize and express public thanks to a vital team who serves within the Worship-Arts Ministry at South Hills: our AWESOME AV Team. This team is incredibly important to the effective work of the rest of our team. In fact, every Sunday Morning at the end of our rehearsal, when our Vocal Team and Worship Band pray for the worship service, we insist that the Sound Tech and Computer Operator for the morning come to the platform to pray with us. They are an inseparable part of our team.

The AV Team serves to amplify and enhance the work of the worship ministers who serve from the platform. The goal of their ministry is “to enable every person present at worship gatherings to hear, see, and understand what is being communicated, so that they may genuinely respond in a way that honors God and impacts the Kingdom.”

What does this ministry practically look like? Daniel Robinson and Chip Gardiner spent hours installing the Aviom system designed to reduce stage noise, thereby making the sound you hear more well-defined. Jim Terry came out of Sound Ministry “retirement” to run both the sound and video for a funeral just this last Saturday. Theresa Kenagy has run sound and slides on Wednesday nights for years. Diane Owen is an expert at finding minor errors that can become major distractions in slide presentations. Kyle Harris runs both sound and video for a number of events that see members of our community come to the church who would not normally do so.

Looking back, I cannot forget to thank Sound Tech Emeritus Mike “Squeaky” Burgess who ran everything in the booth single-handedly for at least the first five years SHBC met in this facility (plus many years before in the theater and the church’s previous site). So many more have served so faithfully for a season: Jeanne Massey, Andy & Teri Reed, JJ Futrell, Peter & Jessica Layton, Kathy Luper, & Buddy Fredrickson.

Looking forward, a number of our students (Jaden, Kayla, Christian, and Peyton) have been trained and are serving on our team today, in preparation for learning how to use the new AVL equipment in the second floor Student Ministry area, called “The Loft.” Please join me in thanking those who serve our church in this and EVERY area of ministry.