Thanksgiving and Christmas Project

I pray each of you had a great Thanksgiving with family and friends. We have so much for which to be thankful. I’m thankful for each of you, but also thankful to Pastor Chris giving me the opportunity to preach/teach. My prayer is we continue to give thanks (worship) to God for showing His love, mercy, and grace toward us. We must be like the one leper who returned to give God the honor and glory He alone deserves (Luke 17:11-19). Our relationship with Christ is dependent upon how we approach Christ in prayer and Scripture, our obedience to Christ and His Word, and our commitment to Christ by the way we live and worship Him (Romans 12:1).

This week we begin thinking about Christmas. I have discussed with Dallas Park about receiving names/families for our Christmas Project this year. Dallas Park will be sending us names this week. We will have the same format as last year. There will be cards with Family 1, 2, etc, with Mom/Dad/boy/girl, and ages. There will be interests (wants and needs), and there will be instructions on the back of the cards. Included in the instructions, there will be the deadline to have gifts back to SHBC. Please begin praying now for the families God will give us the opportunity to minister to through the Dallas Park Christmas Project.