Teachers Returning to School

We’re off and running! A new school year has begun for my wife Erin and many other teachers this week. With the beginning of a new school year comes many transitions. The most difficult one in our house is the transition of having to get up early and establishing the new routine. This year will be different because now both boys will be together at the same school as our sweet little Connor begins Kindergarten. He is super excited and we are too.

The new school year is full of opportunities and I am praying not only for my wife and boys, but also for all the other teachers and students in our church to embrace this school year with excitement. In order for a lot of these opportunities to become reality, the teachers have to do a lot of preparation in their rooms at school, on top of all the meetings, lesson planning, and other tasks necessary to begin the school year. As the spouse of a teacher, I am well aware of the struggle involved in getting a classroom ready to teach (and in Erin’s case, two classrooms at two different campuses).

On Friday morning we have the opportunity to serve the teachers and staff at Dallas Park Elementary right down the road. We have partnered with this school the last couple of years in hopes of building relationships with the teachers, staff, students and their families. We want to serve others in our community to show them our love and support. Our community needs to see our love for Jesus through our actions. Many of them have Never attended one of our worship services, so we must go to them and meet them where they are to share God’s love with them.

We will be serving breakfast for all the teachers and staff as well as helping the teachers in their classrooms any way we can. This will hopefully be one of many opportunities to serve the staff at Dallas Park Elementary this year, so please make plans to help however you can. Join me in praying for this great opportunity we have to be examples for Jesus in our community.