Summer in Full Swing

Church Family,

I’m so thankful to be a part of this amazing church family. I’m thankful to each of you who donated so students could attend camp. Special thanks go to the leaders who took time off to go with us and invest in our students: Innocent Lunga, Alyssa Cavitt, Levi and Sandy Patterson, Tiffany Carroll, and Nancy McBeth. I am especially thankful to Nancy for cooking for this crew! Bob Marriott, thank you for taking time to smoke the brisket for us. It was delicious! Lisa Nanney, thank you for the encouraging notes and snack bags for the vehicles. You all allowed us to have access to camp, and we all have access to God through Christ (Romans 5:1-2).

Our summer calendar for FireFall is in full swing. This Wednesday, July 10, is color war. We are inviting the 6th graders to play with us and get a taste of what it will be like in the fall when they join Student Ministry. It will be here at the church and we will start at 6:15 pm, and finish at 8:15 pm. July 17 is a regular worship and Bible Study night. July 24 is swimming at the Gardiners’. This will start at 6pm and you will need to drop your student off at the Gardiners’ house and pick them up at 8:15. July 31 is a Scavenger Hunt night. Students will start here at the church and be bused to a park and then back to church.

I pray each of us will allow God to spark joy in our lives. This will be accomplished as we pray, study Scripture, and grow together in our relationship with God and others. Pastor Chris reminded us of this when he said, “Rejoicing is a safe guard that sparks joy and protects our joy, ...Rejoice in the unchanging Jesus rather than the ever-changing circumstances in your life.” 

Rejoicing in Christ,