Student Camp in Orange Beach

We have made it safely to Orange Beach, AL for Student Life Camp. Thank you for your prayers! Here are a number of ways to pray for us...

Please pray for our Camp Speaker, Jeff Wallace, and the worship leaders, Stephen Cole Band.

Our theme is the WORD and our theme verse is Psalm 119:105. In preparation for this, we just

finished a FireFall message series called "Heart Condition" discussing how we can keep our way pure.

Please pray for the students by name...

Caleb Barfield
Jaden Barfield
Gage Brazell
Christian Carroll
Delayne Copeland
Lily Copeland
Raylen Davis
Judah Dermott
Kayla Hawn
Allan Kelley
Jenny Lance
Kaleigh Lance
Eleiyah Maris
Sam Nyoni
Aubry Owen
Peyton Peavler
Tatum Peavler
Hailey Roden
Nate Smartt
Sam Smartt

Please pray for the sponsors by name...

Andy & Tiffany Carroll
Alyssa Cavitt
Nancy McBeth
Diane Owen
Levi Patterson
Andy Reed

Please pray specifically that God's Spirit and Word would move these students toward adeeper understanding of God through His Word, toward a single-hearted desire to follow Him, and toward a bold commitment to living Jesus' mission every day for the rest of their lives.

Thank you for your continued prayers.