Spring Break

Spring Break is here! We always look forward to Spring Break in our house because that means the boys get a whole week at home with mommy to relax and have fun. No school. No early morning alarms. No homework. This week will be refreshing for all the teachers and students as they gear up for the final push towards summer. Though I am planning to take a little time off to enjoy my family this week, I am also working hard with our staff to continue to plan and prepare for Easter.

In less than three weeks we will gather on Resurrection Sunday to celebrate Jesus. Jesus is alive, He conquered death, and He offers forgiveness of sins and an eternal relationship with God! Every Sunday is a great time to invite someone to join us as we celebrate Jesus, but Easter Sunday is one of those special days our friends and family might be more willing to join us if we invite them. Jackie Boyd shared a wonderful testimony of her recent mission trip to Nepal. She challenged all of us to make effort to invite others to church and to not be afraid to speak up about how Jesus has changed our lives.

Yesterday afternoon I was talking to my sister and our discussion included their church. She was excited to tell me that some of their best friends are now attending church with them. They are Christians who had distanced themselves from church in recent years, but because of their close friendship and their continual (not pushy or guilt-induced) invites to church, they came one Sunday. They are now very involved in church and there has been a dramatic change in their marriage, their other relationships, and they are growing in their faith again.
The ripple effect has now lead both couples to pray for and invite another close friend who is not a Christian to come to church with them. They are deeply burdened for this family to know Jesus, so they continue to invite them to church. I encouraged my sister to not give up and to specifically invite them to come on Easter Sunday. I am praying for this friend to accept the invite and come hear the Gospel on Easter Sunday. I am also praying for all the members of our church to invite others to join us on Easter. Boldly invite your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers to come experience Jesus here at South Hills!