SHINE in Love Crossed Over

This year, on December 18, the Worship-Arts Ministry will present Love Crossed Over. We are including both children and students in the leadership of this worship service, in order to reflect the multi-generational nature of our congregation. Our children have not only been practicing music and drama with our many volunteers on Wednesday evenings, but they have been working on the music during SHINE.

In September, I worked with our volunteers who were serving in Children’s Worship
Training to re-envision this ministry, and we came up with SHINE. The primary goal of
SHINE is that our children experience a fun, high energy, relational, movement-based
program during the sermon time that engages them with God through His Word.

One of the changes that we postponed was the desire of the leaders to narrow the age range of the children, so that we could engage them in age-appropriate learning. Also, we wanted very high participation in Love Crossed Over.

However, starting in January, SHINE will be only for children, age 4 through 3rd Grade.
The original purpose for Children’s Worship Training (preparing children to be active participants in multi-generational worship) is still a high value for our church family. We are looking at the afternoon of either February 4th or 11th to have a Worship Open House and Family Fun Party. This event will give kids a hands-on tour of every nook and cranny of our worship center, explaining why we do what we do, and it will give parents and grandparents tools and practice for how to find success in training their children to participate in worship at South Hills.

If you would like for your child to participate in Love Crossed Over or if you have questions about this change in our SHINE ministry, don’t hesitate to contact me.