School Year Ending

Church Family, 

This school year is flying by, and this has left us with two weeks of school remaining. Please be in prayer for our students and educators as they wrap up this school year.

We still have a few things on the calendar before the year ends. Graduate Recognition is Sunday morning, May 19. We will be recognizing five high school graduates, and five college graduates. This will be an opportunity to encourage them and pray for them as they begin their next chapter. That evening will be Hee Haw, and the theme is Food Fight. 

Sparking Joy is our current sermon series, and last Sunday we walked through Philippians 2:5-11; “Outlook Determines Outcome”. Through the example Jesus set, we must embrace a submissive mind, and we should embody a humble heart. As we do these things, we should not value privilege or position over purpose.  My Monday morning devotional focused on Paul and his service to the church. Paul didn’t use his position or giftedness to elevate himself above the needs of the Church. He willingly and selflessly worked alongside the members to glorify God by doing what needed to be done. “Rather than taking, Paul gave, demonstrating humility, illustrating the Gospel, and building up his brothers and sisters in Christ” (Paul and the Body Devotional). My prayer is that we all demonstrate humility and illustrate the Gospel through our lives.

Thankful and grateful to serve with our South Hills family.

Andy Carroll
Student and Outreach Pastor