Saying Farewell

As many of you know, our Administrative Assistant, Shelley Kruse, started her journey to go back to school to pursue a degree in nursing almost three years ago. Becoming a nurse has always been a dream of hers and through hard work, determination, and great discipline she graduated in December. Since then she has been searching for a job and a couple of weeks ago she accepted a nursing position. As a result of this new opportunity, she has resigned from her position here at South Hills after more than ten years on our staff. It certainly is bittersweet for her, and us, but we are excited for her and this new adventure.

This is her last week in the role of Administrative Assistant here at South Hills, but Shelley will continue to work with us on Tuesday mornings during our transition in order to maintain all of the church’s financials. We are grateful for her willingness to continue to serve our church in this important way for the next couple of months. In order to help us with all the daily operations in the office while we seek to hire a new Administrative Assistant, Theresa Kenagy will be working part-time in the office on an interim basis. We will also use some volunteers to help with various tasks in the coming weeks.

South Hills is blessed greatly with many servants who are willing and able to serve in various capacities in order to help our church function well. Theresa is working closely with Shelley this week to learn as much as she can and is already doing a great job. Shelley is working hard to help Theresa as well and help us as a staff understand all the logistics of what takes place on a day to day basis. Transitions can be challenging, but I believe we are going to be set up to continue moving forward with ease.

We will truly miss having Shelley as a highly valuable part of our staff and I know many of you will too. Please call or stop by the office this week to thank Shelley for all she has done for our church and wish her well in her new career. Pray for us as we make this transition and begin the search for a new Administrative Assistant. Pray for Shelley as she transitions to her new career. Pray for Theresa as she steps into this interim role. As always, pray for our church to fulfill the mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ in all we do.