Stand for the Lord

Daniel was a young man who stood for the Lord. The choices and decisions that he made reflected a heart that was centered on obeying God. The children have been learning about Daniel and his friends this summer in VBS and on Wednesday evenings. They have been challenged to be like Daniel, to make a stand for the Lord. I wanted to share with you how a couple of the girls have been doing just that. Their faith is evident in their actions.

Shekinah gave a testimony in the after-camp video. She was encouraged by the Lord to put Him first above all other things and activities. As soon as she got home God tested her resolve. She had a choice to make the very next day. Would she skip church to attend her soccer game (of which she is the team captain and I think it was their last of a tournament) or choose the Lord and go to church? She very quickly decided to go to church! When I heard of this situation and the stand that she made, I was so moved and encouraged by her devotion to the Lord. Her team now knows that God is most important to her. That’s an awesome testimony.

While at camp Esther did a couple of things that challenged me. Her actions made me stop and evaluate my own. The first was her inclusion of the girls with which we shared a cabin. She was the first to befriend them and play games with them. She even made the bed of the girl who shared the above bunk! She showed Godly love to those around her. Then one morning, as we sat down to eat breakfast among all the chaos of campers coming and going in the dining hall, she paused to pray before her meal. Unfortunately, because of the timing of things at camp, we don’t all stop to pray together before the meals. You would think that in this Christian camp environment where we are surrounded all day by God and His Word and worshipping Him, that praying before meals would be forefront on our minds. Sadly, it was not. The vision of Esther bowing her head to pray will forever be etched in my mind. Her actions taught me a lesson. Thank you, Esther!

No matter how old (or young) we are, there are always decisions and choices that we can make to show others the love that we have for Jesus. I am blessed and so grateful to know these girls. They have reminded me of what it looks like to be obedient to God and His Word and how we can make a stand for Him in this world.