Run Home

Church Family,

   This week is Light the Night, and I could not be more excited for SHBC to be the Light in our community. We have host homes, and we still need many to help at some of these homes. If you would like to help, we would be happy to find a host home near you. If you are unable to get out and help, please pray for God to guide us in our Gospel conversations. I look forward to hearing reports and celebrating this Sunday.

   Thank you to all who diligently pray for our students and families. We went to youth retreat two weeks ago, and I am still thinking about our theme: Prodigal. We make choices every moment of every day that push us away from or push us toward Jesus. As we pray for students and families, pray that they can make better decisions which push them toward Jesus. Each of us should consider if we are the older brother remaining close to the Father with a hard heart, or if we are the younger brother far from the Father, and remember we can still come home. The way we come home to the Father is through Jesus, and His arms are open wide. I pray each of us will continue to run to the Father. 

In Christ,