Response to Charlottesville

Racism in any form is sin. These displays of white supremacy are satanic. There is no place for racism in Christianity or the church. We must speak out and live displaying the grace of Jesus Christ. Every race, ethnicity, and nationality are welcome at South Hills.

In light of the events that transpired over the weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia I felt compelled not to remain silent on the issue. After much prayer and reflection, I shared a statement very similar to this from the platform yesterday morning in our worship service. It is sad we must continue to fight against racism in our society, but it is not surprising because we live a sinful world.

Having spoken boldly against racism and bigotry, I can confidently say I am extremely grateful South Hills is a church that welcomes everyone to worship with us. We want to share the Gospel and live out His grace with joy and love. Thank you, church, for leading the way in breaking down barriers of race in our society and truly loving one another the way Jesus loves us. May we continue to be difference-makers for Jesus in our community. Stand for what is right, speak the truth in love, and let us show the world Jesus loves every single one of them.

Pastor Chris