Reckless Love

I’m going to take a break from sharing about the new songs that our congregation is singing to let you know about the genesis of the special worship service coming up on April 29.

One day, I had a friend call me and need some encouragement. The couple of verses I had memorized from Psalm 32 came to my mind. I shared them with him, hung up the phone and looked up the passage to make sure I had said them right. I followed up with a text encouraging him to read the whole chapter, and began studying the passage for my own fulfillment. It was exactly what I needed to hear that day as well. Within 30 minutes I had planned the outline for this worship service based on the themes found in the eleven verses of this Psalm of David.

Psalm 32 touches on the joy we can experience because of our forgiveness, the impact on others’ lives and freedom we find when we engage in transparent confession, and how prayer helps us to find peace as we are completely dependent upon God. Toward the end of the Psalm, God-followers are instructed to listen and surrender to Biblical guidance, trusting the faithful love of God. This led me to ask the question, “What is it about God’s love that would make me more ready to trust Him fully?”

The answer is found in the title of our April 29th worship service: Reckless Love. This isn’t to say that God is reckless. Rather, the manner of his love, when you think about it, has a reckless quality to it. His love is wild, irrepressible, and untameable. He gives of Himself without regard to the consequences, knowing that the price was Jesus’ life. It’s the kind of love that would leave the 99 to go after me, the 1, and exactly what Paul refers to as “foolishness” to those in the world.

That’s the kind of love that leads me to pray with desperation, confess with transparency, experience forgiveness, surrender to God’s Word, and place my trust, daily, in God’s love. May God’s true blessings be upon us as we prepare for this Special Worship Service!