Pray for Ukraine

What a great weekend of worship, both at our Good Friday service led by the choir and deacons, and at our Sunday morning worship service. It's always great to see a packed house, but more than that, it was great to see the congregation engaged in singing His praise and responding to God's Word.

I'm absolutely thrilled that I get to be a part of a prayed-through, well-organized Mission Project to Ukraine for the next 12 days! Please pray that we will be fully surrendered to God, trusting God with all that we are leaving behind here in the states. Please pray for the Pastors and the people in each city we go to. Please pray for the Ukrainians who will partner with us, and that we will leave behind in each city to oversee the follow-up work with those who make a decision for Christ.

Please pray for each concert, that each time the choir stands to represent Christ, the truth sung will penetrate the coldest heart, and that those who hear will listen and believe in Christ for salvation!

Finally, please pray that travel will be safe and on God's schedule, that the leaders will have clear direction from God, and that each team member will have sensitivity and boldness when it comes time to share his or her faith.

And please know that I am in prayer for our church family. I am praying that Small Group Sunday will be a great opportunity for more people to participate and be welcomed in by our Small Groups. I am praying for our Men's Bible Studies, Women on Mission, Wednesday Prayer Groups, Students, Women's Bible Study, Children, and other ministries of the church will glorify God as his people become and build disciple-makers. I am praying for those whom I know are dealing with physical pain and difficult family situations. I look forward to returning soon and seeing you all in the Worship Service on April 30th.