Opportunity Knocks

Youth Camp is quickly approaching (June 11-15)! We have had three fundraisers to this point, and the last fundraiser was the Car Wash. Thanks to your generosity and dirty
vehicles, the students made $730.00! There are other opportunities to support students going to Youth Camp. We have a raffle for the picnic table outside of the church ($10.00 per ticket), and the drawing will be Wednesday, April 26 at the Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser (5:30pm). Hee Haw:Fun! Fun! Fun! will be Sunday, May 21.

Thinking about Youth Camp, fundraisers, missions, serving, etc. I am reminded of Pastor Chris' sermon, "When Opportunity Knocks". These are opportunities we can seize in our church, and these can and will affect the spiritual lives of our students.

Another opportunity to encourage us to seize is prayer. Please join me in praying for our students and families as the school year is close to completion. Pray students finish strong and represent Christ well. Through this opportunity, please take time to consider partnering with the Student Ministry. I would like to challenge us to increase our circle of influence by connecting our senior adults with a student. This would involve praying for and encouraging students face to face, via text, or by mail (card, note, letter).

My prayer is that we, as Pastor Chris said, "think in terms of opportunity, not obligation" to share the love of Christ and our experiences, with students. This connection could even last through college, so each student knows that their Church Family is behind them, supporting, encouraging, and loving on them. I know so many of you already pray for the Student Ministry, and we are beyond thankful. Please contact Andy for more information, or to be partnered with a student.