New Place, Same Group

   Yesterday the Texas Rangers played their final game in Globe Life Park. After 25 seasons they are moving into a new, state of the art, indoor stadium across the street. Many are excited about the new stadium, but some are upset and disappointed the Rangers are not going to continue to play baseball in what seems like a perfectly good stadium that was built to last 100 years. There has been a lot of nostalgia throughout the season with all the memories, recognitions, and celebrations of past events, players, and coaches.

   Though I was unable to attend yesterday’s game, I was able to watch some of the postgame ceremonies at home with my boys. I have so many wonderful memories of attending games there over the years and it is the only stadium my boys have ever watched the Rangers play in. Am I going to miss Globe Life Park? Yes. Does it mean I am not going to be able to attend Rangers games anymore? No. (Well, it depends on how much they charge to watch a baseball game inside the nice, new air-conditioned stadium.) The stadium is going to be different, but the team is the same. We will still continue to cheer for the Texas Rangers and they will still be my favorite baseball team. We will still have all the wonderful memories of the games and experiences. No matter where they play their games I will cheer for them and support them.

   South Hills Baptist Church relocated from Merida Street to Granbury Road 13 years ago. It was a new location, but the same church family. The memories & nostalgia of the previous location will not be forgotten, while at the same time many new chapters of ministry have already provided some great memories and experiences.

   It doesn’t matter where we gather for worship or where we serve in ministry, it’s who we are that matters most. We are a church family, united through faith in Jesus Christ, with the purpose and mission of bringing hope to our community and beyond.

   Thank you to all those who saw the vision for a new location many years ago as you continued to strive for greater effectiveness for the Gospel. Wherever God takes us, we will continue to be a light for him and celebrate His grace. Let’s keep going and see what God will do.

Pastor Chris