Moving Forward with No Regrets

The first few weeks of 2017 have been great. We have been reminded of and called to prayer and reminded of needs in our community and across the United States. As we continue to focus on prayer and ministry through South Hills Baptist, I pray we live with no regrets as we serve God. We serve God through our daily jobs and as we attend school. Please continue to pray for, and look for opportunities to share the love of Christ with others. We are moving forward in our partnership with Dallas Park Elementary as we minister to the community.

I am excited and thankful the Student Ministry leaders survived the lock out to Group Dynamix last weekend. We have activities like this to build relationships for discipleship,
communication, and strengthen our ministry. In regards to strengthening the Student Ministry, we are closer to moving into The Loft. Aaron and I will be having the walk-through to approve of and make final adjustments on the audio-visual equipment this week. After the walk-through, we will have training on the equipment. We do not have a move in date set, but again, we are closer.

I have been thinking and praying as Pastor Chris has called us to prayer. I have been praying more and differently. During my times of prayer, God has been changing my heart. I have noticed a difference in worship, as well as Small Group with the students. The common denominator here is a change in my heart. I have noticed my heart is being conditioned to worship and focus on God. I share this hoping to encourage you to evaluate your heart condition. The condition of our hearts can and will hinder or enhance our worship. Please continue to pray for our church, community, and Pastor.