Love Crossed Over

This Sunday is our special worship service set aside to explore the themes of Christmas through music: Love Crossed Over. My heart behind the expression of this service is that it will reflect the multi-generational nature of our congregation.

The song selection in our worship services include a continuity and variety of songs, showing no favoritism to one generation over another. We highlight newer hymns, songs, and arrangements in order to create common-ground experiences with those who have recently begun worshiping with us. Love Crossed Over is no exception. You will hear and sing both familiar Christmas carols and new song arrangements.

Our children will present the Luke 2 narrative of Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem. Our students will join in, leading us in worship, as well. We strive to make students and children a regular a part of our worship services, not just because we want them to “stay in church” when they’re older. They ARE as much the church as we are. God’s Kingdom belongs to them (Luke 18:16). But there’s much more to the service than this…

Early this Summer as I was exploring different music, I found a piece that began with this
phrase, “One glorious night when love crossed over and cast aside both crown and throne, to live beside the common man, as was foretold, the Promised One.” I immediately knew that it should be included, but I didn’t know how. As I continued selecting music, those words kept ringing in my ears as I considered the great chasm that Jesus crossed over when He came to Earth as a child: light to darkness, a place of peace to a place of conflict, the glory of God to the domain of sinful man. Yet, Love did not come bombastically or full of demands. He came gently, full of life, truth, and holiness. The rest of the service fell into place. I look forward to sharing it with you this Sunday!