"I Won't Be Ashamed"

I have received a positive response from those who have used our YouTube and Spotify playlists of “Songs We Sing at SHBC.” Please use this resource. This link to the SHBC Worship Ministry website will help you access lists of the Hymns and Praise Songs that we sing in worship. Ideally, listening to these will help you become more familiar with our songs, allow you to focus on God more clearly in worship, and also inform your personal, daily worship time with Christ.

I have been asked, “What is involved in having a daily worship time?” While I could give a lengthy answer, I think it is best to say, “Anything that draws you near to the One True God.” While it will probably involve a combination of different forms of prayer, worship music and Scripture meditation, the goal is that God’s children are daily, confidently approaching His throne of grace (Heb. 4:16, Eph. 3:12).

Through Jesus, there are many pathways toward the throne of grace. The next song we will be teaching in worship (called “I Won’t Be Ashamed”) expresses one pathway of Biblical thinking toward meaningful communion with God. The three verses, chorus, and bridge express the joy of accepting God’s forgiveness and grace, living transparently and freely, and fully recognizing our identity and belonging in Christ.

Surprised by Your grace, my guilt erased
Washed in Your love, brand new I've become,
My fears are gone

Out of the dark and into Your light
No longer a slave, You broke off my chains,
Now I'm alive

Reborn now as sons and daughters of God
You welcomed me home, I put on Your robe,
Now I belong

I won't be ashamed any longer,
With You by my side, I stand taller
My sin was erased,
Now my life proclaims I am free

So boldly I'll run before Your throne of grace
There's no holding back in this place
Your love made a way for me and called me by name
Now I can sing!

Here is a YouTube link for “I Won’t Be Ashamed”  but I suggest you check out and follow the lists of Hymns and Praise Songs we do (above).