You’ve heard about it. You’ve seen it advertised. You’re wondering what in the world a “Holypalooza” is!  Here are the answers: Holypalooza is an indoor picnic and concert in the SHBC gym.  It will occur on Friday, July 26, from 5:30-7:30 pm.  A variety of music will be provided by the SHBC Worship Ministry Teams. You are encouraged to bring lawn chairs, a picnic blanket, and dinner for your family.  We will have a few tables and chairs set up for those who don’t have lawn chairs. At 6:30, we will bring out Bluebell Ice Cream with all the fixings and watermelon. 

This event is simply intended to be a fun time of fellowship.  However, like anything we do in our lives, it is an opportunity for each of us to place Gospel Above All. Please consider inviting and bringing someone with you who doesn’t know Jesus. Another way to place Gospel Above All at Holypalooza would be to take the time to engage in a conversation with someone from our Church Family who you don’t know very well, especially someone in a different Small Group than you. Perhaps this is an opportunity for you to make a connection with someone in your Small Group that could become an intentional mentorship or an ongoing prayer circle.

Chris’ sermon this Sunday really shook me.  In a good way.  It was such a strong reminder about what it looks like to exclusively prioritize the Gospel in our home lives, our work, and our relationships and activities at Church. I am grateful that Chris reminded us to evaluate the effectiveness of our spiritual efforts. It can be difficult to admit the areas of “gospel drift” where we have lost not only our effectiveness, but even our faithfulness to the gospel.  Please pray for our staff as we engage in this clarification of our priorities and evaluation of our activities.

Aaron Kenagy