Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!! 

   I cannot believe how fast 2019 has gone! This past year was such a growing opportunity for me, personally, and I pray that it has been for you as well. Our time is something that we can never have enough of. There is an article I have hanging in my office as a reminder that I would like to share with you called, “The Eternal Value of $9.36.” The premise of the article is that there are 936 weeks in the life of a child from birth to age 18. If we put one penny for each week in a jar, and keep track of the number of weeks left, we have a better chance at making our weeks count.

   “Some of your pennies will be spent teaching, loving, nurturing, helping your child navigate life, simply playing in a sandbox, and some will be spent restoring a relationship. The point is to imagine the end, and make the 936 weeks you have with your child count. All your pennies will not be spent on ‘big moments’ but on everyday moments. The best way to spend your pennies is to make yourself available. It’s making the most of the drive to practice, eating dinner together with no electronic devices, helping with homework, playing in the yard and listening to their stories...” (Paula Land, 2017).

   Even if you are not a parent, I think this article can still have value. It’s a great reminder to “spend” your time on earth wisely. We can’t put off until next week what we could do today. We can’t wait to stand up, we can’t wait to speak out, we can’t put God’s plans on hold. If there is an area God could use you in, the start of the new year is a great time to get involved.