God Is So Good

Yesterday, Andrea, Steven, and the Worship Choir did a magnificent job of introducing “God, You’re So Good” to the congregation.  I don’t know if any of you grew up singing the proto-praise chorus “God is So Good” that was written in the early 1970’s, but it was one of the FIRST songs I learned as a child. One thing you may not know is that it was written by a man named Paul Makai. Paul Makai has been a leader in the Evangelical Church of Zambia since 1978 and is currently Dean of Students at Namibia Evangelical Theological Seminary.

Turning toward discipleship, I wanted to share with you that I had the privilege of meeting with six young men in our church over the last few months to dig into the strategy and specifics of spiritual mentorship. The believers in our church fulfill the Biblical command to make disciples whenever they positively influence non-believers toward faith in Christ (witness, service, friendship) or believers toward a deeper faith in Christ (engaging in spiritual formation, using their spiritual gifts, encouraging friendship). This can be seen in worship services, Small Groups, outreach events, and outside the church walls as believers live out their faith. Spiritual mentorship is a vital opportunity within the larger world of making disciples.

According to Chuck Lawless, spiritual mentorship is a God-given relationship in which one growing Christian encourages and equips another believer to reach his or her potential as a true disciple of Christ. The process of working through this study with a handful of young leaders in our church has taught me a lot. They are already asking older men in our church to mentor them and seeking peers and younger men who they can mentor.  If you are interested in learning about mentoring, please let me know so I can form some more mentor study groups this Fall.