First Impressions

We would like to announce an exciting and dynamic restructuring of our Greeter Ministry. To begin with, it will be known as First Impressions. The mission of the First Impressions Ministry will be to connect in a positive way to all guests and members at South Hills Baptist Church. The Greeters will perform this important function by personally welcoming each person in a warm and friendly manner, answering questions, providing directions and offering assistance where needed. This will provide any man, woman, couple, and/or student the opportunity to serve our church, help it grow and extend God's love to everyone who comes to worship at South Hills Baptist Church.

For most, the time of service will be less than an hour per shift and the frequency of work will be your choice...every week, once a month or anything in between. What better way to start any worship experience than to offer a pleasant greeting, handshake and/or hug to your brothers and sisters in Christ? Or better yet, provide the kind of welcome and assistance that will make that first time guest feel excited to come back again! Best of all, you already have everything you need to do the job. This is the perfect opportunity for anyone in the church to serve God by welcoming others and extending His love so that everyone's worship experience is enhanced. The training will be simple...a 30 - 45 minute discussion on “do's” and “don'ts”!

There will be a Sign-Up sheet at the sound booth and if you have questions, see Andy Carroll or Jim Terry.

Thank you,