Embrace Grace

What an amazing journey Embrace Grace has been! Our first semester had exactly zero attendees. Though disappointing, we knew God put this dream in our hearts to continue with this ministry. The next semester, we had two lovely ladies, followed by four, then three, and now…six! Six beautiful girls will be treated to the largest baby shower we’ve ever hosted!

Our baby shower is the grand finale of each semester and is often the inspiration for the women joining the group in the first place. However, if the only thing they gain from this ministry is that one event, we have miserably failed. From the beginning, our group has existed to connect single women undergoing an unexpected pregnancy to a local church, where they can find encouragement and support during such a difficult time. We affirm these ladies for choosing to keep their babies, and we love them through the whole process. We disciple them with a “no judgment” attitude, and in turn, they meet other ladies going through very similar situations.

This is why Embrace Grace has a policy that each bloom (what we call the participants) attend at least 70% of the sessions in order to receive the baby shower. Granted, we try to show grace when necessary, but it’s important for the attendees to show commitment to this 12-week Bible study. Most of the time the blooms don’t want the semester to end!

I always recollect the first phone call I have with each bloom. Often, they are timid, scared, and confused. But I have seen what this group can do. It has taken fearful, hurting women and turned them into confident daughters of the King, boldly speaking of God’s grace and mercy! We have even had one participant join the church and follow in the obedience of baptism!

Not all of them will choose to stay and make South Hills their home church, and that is okay. We would love to see them all “set up shop” here, but some ladies already belong to a church. Some live further away and therefore look for places close to them. Others may need a few more gentle nudges before committing to join someplace, and that is okay too. Our job is to be obedient. We are to be a soft place to land for desperate women.

I am ever-thankful that God has entrusted us with discipling His children. And I am overwhelmed with your support as a church body. Thank you for your commitment to this ministry.