Easter All Year

What an exciting weekend we had celebrating Easter recently with our Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday services! Thank you to everyone who helped make it an impactful weekend. There’s something extra special about celebrating the Risen Jesus on Easter Sunday. I am left in awe and wonder thinking about the magnitude of the scene at the empty tomb that first Easter morning. My prayer is for this awe and wonder to never fade, but grow with time as our relationship with Jesus grows. Let us strive to celebrate the resurrected Jesus all year long.

On Easter Sunday morning I began a new sermon series entitled “Awaken” as we looked at the opening verses of Luke 24 and the empty tomb. Yesterday we looked at the story of the two disciples who encountered Jesus on the Road to Emmaus. As we move through this chapter I am captivated by the response of those when they realize Jesus really is alive. Their first response was to immediately go and tell their friends and family about what happened. The fact that Jesus conquered death and is alive is what gives us hope when we put our faith in Him. Having experienced the joy of relationship with Jesus, we ought to be motivated to share the good news of Jesus with others.

Often when we talk about sharing our faith or talking to others about the Gospel, we find ourselves intimidated, scared, and unsure of how to share Jesus. Though there should be a natural desire to share Jesus’ love with others, we need practical training and encouragement to do so. Sharing our faith with others, like many other aspects of our lives, is a learned discipline. When we are taught how to share our faith, and when we see others sharing their faith, it creates greater motivation and excitement for evangelism.

I am currently researching and studying more about sharing our faith in Jesus and hope to provide some opportunities for us as a church to learn ways to effectively share Jesus with others. Join me in praying for God to convict us and encourage us to go and tell others about the wonderful love of Jesus. Ask God to give you opportunities to witness for Jesus and the courage to take advantage of those opportunities. Like the early disciples, we need to take the message of the resurrected Jesus and share it with our family and friends.