Constitution and Bylaws

In the September 2017 business meeting, the Constitution and Bylaws Revision       Committee was formed to revise the current Constitution and Bylaws with 7 members and 1 alternate. The committee members are Nancy McBeth, Twilight Billings, Robin Brazell, Glen Frailey, Kyle Harris, Jerry Hawn, Judy Reed, Larry Manasco (alternate), and Chris Wright (ex officio).

Most of you are going to think I am crazy but I have really enjoyed serving on this committee. I have written Bylaws before and served on revision committees but I did not feel the friendship and conviction from God with those groups as I have with this one. Working through these Bylaws I have felt God’s presence when decisions were being made, especially those that could really impact the Church. We had several subjects that we chose to table until the next meeting because we just could not agree. We would all go home and pray about what would be best for our Church and God would always provide us with an answer.

The Committee met 15 times in an 8 month time period so a lot of time and prayer has been put into this set of Bylaws. We also fought over who got the last cheese puff so we had a little fun too! But seriously, I want to thank South Hills Baptist Church for giving us the opportunity to serve our Church in such an important way.  And thank you to the Committee for all your hard work. Please pick up your copy of the proposed Bylaw revisions at the sound booth or in the church office, and we’ll see you at the Q & A.