Choosing to Lead and Follow

Such an important part of growing in Christ is the investment of others in our lives. I am so thankful for the investment that my parents made in me, but I’m also very grateful that others took the time to disciple, mentor, and influence me, pointing me toward Jesus.

I think of the college student that invited me and 3 other high school students to his house to do a study on Ecclesiastes. I came for the foosball, but walked away remembering that even I, as a teenager, could study God’s Word and let it impact my life.

I am grateful for two men in their late 20’s, who were willing to individually mentor me as a college student. They invited me to examine my character issues, sharing the ways God was teaching them about integrity, our identity in Christ, purity, and our motivations for action.

I am grateful for a seminary professor in his early 80’s who took me under his wing about 14 years ago, inviting me to his home and out to eat. He didn’t just talk, he got to know me and listened to me, and more than anyone he guided me to form a biblical understanding of worship that I still stand upon today.

Even today, there are men both inside and outside our church family who actively guide and influence me, but only because I have invited them to do so. These men hold me accountable, because I have sought out their accountability. They speak God’s Word into my life and even call me out when I cross a line, because, to a certain extent, I have shown willingness to submit to them.

Is there someone you would be willing to ask to mentor you? Are there a few people you desire to influence in a godly way? If so, please let me know. I am still learning how to be a disciple-maker, but I would sure love to walk alongside you, as we discover this together!