Better Together

“Better together.” These words have been ringing loudly in my ears the last few weeks. God has continued to remind me we are better together than we are alone. Teamwork is a powerful concept because when a team gathers together & cooperates towards the same goal it yields greater results. I remember my boys watching a cartoon called “Wonder Pets” when they were little. It was a group of little household pets who banded together to help in a crisis. An animal would be in trouble and they would sing their theme song, part of which said “Wonder Pets! Wonder Pets! We’re on our way, to help a friend and save the day. We’re not too big and we’re not too tough, but when we work together we’ve got the right stuff. Go Wonder Pets!”

The church exists for the establishment of Christian community among believers and to advance the message of the Gospel to all who need to hear. The church is the place where Christians work together to accomplish God’s mission. If we don’t work together we are much less effective. Though we often operate with a mindset of independence, we have to learn to depend on one another and be willing to help one another. We all need to contribute in order to better accomplish the mission.

I loved watching our church family come together for another big ministry event in our church last week. Vacation Bible School is no small undertaking and so many of you stepped up to help make it an incredibly successful week of ministry in the lives of children and their families. Chandra did a wonderful job of leading VBS, but she would quickly tell you the importance of all the staff and volunteers working together to make it successful. We averaged 58 kids in attendance each night and a total of 76 kids attending at least one night. We also got to meet many parents and family members throughout the week.

I am so proud of South Hills for working together to spread the seeds of the Gospel to our community. This type of teamwork happens year round here at our church on a large and small scale. The more of us who share our time, resources, and talents to serve the Lord, the greater our impact will be. Keep up the great work church family, pray for and seek out opportunities to get involved, and let us continue to be “better together” for Jesus in the second half of 2018.