Back to School Adjustments

The first week of school has come and gone and I think we all survived! Parents, students, teachers, you have all been on my mind and heart this week. For some of you it was back to normal and routine, for others it has been a time of transition and change. As I anticipated this new school year I knew there were going to be many new circumstances, a new schedule, new location, my son driving! There has been a lot going on.

Through it all, God has been and will be, right by my side. He is the Immutable God who never changes. He is faithful to guide and direct, strengthen and uphold, each step of the way. As long as I seek Him and involve Him in every aspect of my life I can have the confidence that it will all go according to His plan, which is way better that anything I could come up with.

If your life and circumstances are anything like mine have been, I encourage you to spend time with the Lord. Talk to Him and ask Him for help in the busyness of a new school year, new job, moving, transition times, etc. He wants to give advice and guidance for the big decisions as well as the everyday plans. I once heard that we should not ask God to bless the plans that we have made, but to ask Him to schedule our days in accordance with His will. It has been a great reminder to me to have a kingdom mindset in everything that I do.

Sunday, the children began their new Small group classes for the year and Wednesday evening they will start their new groups in Everblaze. I am praying for each child, parent, teacher, mentor, to grow deeper in love with the Lord and experience Him in new ways so they may be excited to share with others all of the amazing things that they see and feel God doing in their lives.