Appreciating the Appreciation

From the bottom of our hearts – thank you! It is a great privilege to be the Pastor of South Hills Baptist Church. From the first time we arrived at South Hills, and still today, our family has been welcomed and loved by so many. Yesterday we were on the receiving end of an intentional
expression of gratitude from the entire church as it was designated as “Pastor Appreciation Day.” Your practical expressions of love and support were overwhelming.

After a busy afternoon of meetings, following the wonderful worship service yesterday morning, I arrived at home and proceeded to unload the massive basket of gifts. As we sorted through the basket we discovered it was full of cards and candy. We spent a great deal of time opening and reading each card as we fought off the temptation to eat too much candy during this process. We could not believe so many of you made such an effort to express your love for us. Thank you again, not only for yesterday’s recognition but for loving and encouraging us consistently.

Though I certainly feel unworthy to this calling as your Pastor, I pray I can fulfill this calling for the glory of God. Know I pray for all the members of our church and I want to do my best to point you towards Jesus and help equip you to better live for His glory. Together we are a great church and God has given us a great opportunity to impact others with the Gospel. May we strive to always make much of Jesus and live by example so others are compelled to do the same.

As our church-wide emphasis “I Am A Church Member” finishes strong in the next couple of weeks, continue to pray for God to shape our hearts to be Biblical, effective church members. Ask God to lead us to better live out these truths of Scripture we have explored during this series and invite others to do so as well. You can also pray for all these paper cuts to heal on my hands from all the wonderful cards! Have a great week and remember your Pastor loves you!