Agents of Grace

   I am so excited to be writing to you as a full-time staff member now. Thank you so much for all of your support and encouragement. About this time two years ago, I stumbled upon your church website as I was looking for churches to join during my time in Texas. I walked into your doors and was greeted with hugs and genuine people who cared about who I was. Only God could have known what that first Sunday morning was leading to. 
   As the school year is well underway now, Everblaze has gone full steam ahead learning more about who God is. Our curriculum for this school year is entitled “Agents of Grace” where kids are on a mission to discover God and learn to defend their faith. The first unit of this curriculum walks through “God is” statements including God is our Savior, our hope, our advocate, and our strength.
   A big part of this study encourages kids to use their Bibles and memorize their verses. This is where you as parents, and as a church family, can really team up with our kids and help. At home, work with them every night on their verse (I promise, it can really be done in 2-3 minutes - simply reading through the verse will help them). Encourage and help them learn how to find it in their Bibles (yes, their actual Bibles - not on your phones!). If your child is in need of a Bible, please let me know. I would love to get them one. Church family if you see a kid, challenge them to find a book of the Bible or tell you their memory verse for the week. Let’s come together and really encourage these children to learn about God!