3 Circles

God’s Design – Brokenness – Gospel. These 3 Circles can tell us the simple story of the Gospel and help us understand our story of salvation in Jesus Christ. These 3 Circles can also help us tell the simple story of the Gospel as we share the hope of salvation with others. This coming Sunday I will complete this short sermon series as we look at the “Gospel” circle. Invite someone to come to church with you this Sunday so they can hear this message of salvation.

I have really enjoyed learning, studying, and preparing to preach these messages because we can all do a better job of sharing the Gospel with others. Even as your Pastor I can say sharing my faith rarely comes naturally for some reason. God has given me a greater burden for evangelism and sharing our faith with others. If we want to fulfill the Great Commission and see God’s Church grow then we have to be intentional telling others about the love of Jesus.

When we share the Gospel people will ask questions we do not know the answer to. Sometimes people will turn us down and not put their faith in Jesus. There will be times we have no idea what to say or how to say it. However, there will be times when people respond in faith to Jesus and experience the joy of salvation that we have experienced and it will change their lives forever!

I want to remind you we can do none of this in our own strength, but thankfully we have the presence of God in us through the Holy Spirit to guide us. The Holy Spirit gives us the courage to speak up and wisdom to know what to say. Be encouraged, even if you have never shared the Gospel with anyone else. Let us encourage one another as we seek to grow as disciples and help make disciples for Jesus.

See you Sunday,

Pastor Chris